Play has long been recognized as purposeful and essential for children to learn and develop strong social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills.  For 30 years, these principles have guided Wonder Works’ innovative approach to early childhood education in music, math, science, the arts, and literacy. They understand the importance of early education and are uniquely placed to meet this need for the children of Oak Park and its surrounding communities.

In an era where social distance and isolation have been commonplace throughout the pandemic and electronic toys and screen time inhibit imaginative play; the opportunities for quality play experiences have been greatly reduced.  

Imagine the joy of a group of 60 children from a local day care coming to Wonder Works for their very first field trip in more than 18 months!  Toddlers explored and played in their Farm to Market exhibit by sorting and matching the fruits and vegetables by colors, sizes and shapes.  Preschoolers took those same fruits and vegetables steps further by creating scenarios and engaging in imaginative play with their friends, while learning about sharing, counting and cooperation.  These special field trip experiences and museum visits are also extended to families in financial need, free or at a very reduced-cost, through their Community Partner Program.

Help Wonder Works continue to provide a safe and welcoming space to play and learn:  donate online at www.wonder-works.,org and know Wonder Works’ mission to spark curiosity and creativity in ALL young children through positive, play-based learning experiences will continue.

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