Jylisa was pregnant and experiencing homelessness when she moved into her apartment at

New Moms’ Transformation Center. She was immediately paired with a personal coach who

helped her prepare for the birth of her baby. Coaches at New Moms are allies of resilient

families, supporting young moms with resources they need to navigate parenthood,

adolescence, and achieve their goals for the future. 

In January, Jylisa gave birth to her daughter Ja’nylahh after an emergency C-section. After

recovering, her coach helped enroll her in our Job Training program. New Moms’ fully paid, 16-

week Job Training program blends classroom and on-the-job training at our social enterprise

candle company, Bright Endeavors. Our team creates positive environments of learning and

employment practice for young moms. Jylisa began as a production assistant in March and was

promoted to team lead because of her leadership skills. Jylisa also graduated on time from high

school during her time at New Moms and will be attending Malcom X College to pursue


“[New Moms] gave me a boost of confidence.” Jylisa said. “It’s like you’re working for them, but

they’re also working for you. They value your opinion. They make sure you’re okay, physically

and mentally.”

Jylisa’s story is a great example of what young families can accomplish when they have reliable

support. Join New Moms in this essential work and support young moms as they build the

foundations of well-being for their families and communities!

New Moms

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