Katie and Elisha enjoying a summer trip together

L’Arche Chicago operates three family-sized residential homes where adults with intellectual disabilities live together with staff members who support and assist them. The effect is an environment where each person with disabilities thrives through person-directed, often 1:1 customized support that is tailored to each person’s individual needs and desires. But even more, L’Arche creates an environment where each person, staff and resident, experiences a profound sense of belonging and meaning. 

Live-in staff member Katie describes it this way: “‘Being present’ is difficult to describe. I didn’t learn to be present in a classroom or online seminar. Instead, sharing presence was revealed to me in a particular way at L’Arche. It’s where I leaned into the ways of the human heart. I learned about the communion of human hearts through receiving a resident’s blessing at the end of our nightly routines or chatting through our joys and griefs while being careful not to nick my housemate’s face with a razor during a morning shave. Presence in L’Arche meant that I could trust others to hold my limitations with gentleness and extend that same grace without resentment. Presence meant that we could hold our celebrations and sorrows in the same breath and see each other with breathtaking dignity.”

 Come and see the profound gift of presence at L’Arche Chicago; reach out today to get started and see our community in action at hello@larchechicago.org.

L’Arche Chicago
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