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A newly filed federal indictment against a Chicago man accused of murdering a rideshare driver connects him to an attempted carjacking in Oak Park that occurred last January, according to an Oct. 25 news release from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Chicago resident Edmond Harris, 18, was first charged with the March 23 carjacking of a Lexus GS sedan and the fatal shooting of its driver, rideshare worker Javier Ramos in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood.

Harris now faces additional charges for carjacking and attempting carjacking under the new indictment, which also renewed the original charge against him.

According to the new indictment, Harris attempted to carjack a Nissan Altima, Jan. 20, in west suburban Oak Park in addition to conspiring to and carjacking a Mitsubishi Outlander that same day in the Chicago Loop with his accomplice, Chicagoan Joshua Walker, 21.

Walker, who is not connected to the Oak Park incident, is also charged with carjacking and firearm offenses in the new indictment. Furthermore, the indictment includes charges against both men for federal firearm violations.

“The charges against Harris carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 27 years in federal prison and a maximum of death. The charges against Walker carry a mandatory minimum sentence of seven years in federal prison and a maximum of life,” the news release stated.

Both Harris and Walker are in federal custody. Harris is scheduled for arraignment on the superseding indictment at 9:30 a.m., Friday. Walker, who pleaded not guilty during his arraignment last week, is set to appear for a detention hearing Thursday at 11 a.m.

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