A confrontation over parking in the Jewel Osco parking lot, 438 Madison St., led to the Sept. 17 arrest of an Oak Park resident, who reportedly spit on a Black woman, drove his vehicle at her and insulted her with racial slurs. Previously news outlets, including Wednesday Journal, mistakenly reported the incident as having occurred Sept. 7. Wednesday Journal was made aware of the correct date by a reliable source, who wished to remain anonymous, from the village of Oak Park.

Alberto Friedmann, of the 100 block of North Oak Park Avenue, is facing a hate crime charge and an aggravated assault charge for the incident outside of the grocery store. He had an initial court hearing last Sunday and will be back in court at Maybrook on Friday, Sept. 24.

Court documents state the woman and her 7-year-old daughter were sitting in their vehicle, parked along the traffic lane between the parking aisles and the store, but not obstructing traffic, while waiting for the woman’s mother to finish shopping, when they heard Friedmann, 53, in a Jaguar honking and shouting from behind them at around 4:33 p.m.

Friedmann, according to the bond proffer from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office, yelled, “Move your [expletive] car,” followed by a racial slur. When she motioned for Friedmann to drive around her, Friedmann reportedly exited his car and approached the woman’s vehicle, continuing to yell racial slurs at her and her young daughter.

He then repeatedly pushed her door closed, as she attempted to exit her vehicle, and spat in the woman’s face. The court document states that Friedmann then told the woman the reason he spat at her was because “he doesn’t like Black people.”

The woman’s mother, who had finished shopping by that time, witnessed Friedmann calling the woman racial slurs and saw the saliva, according to the court documents.

After Friedmann returned to his vehicle he reportedly tried to hit the woman with his car, after she had allegedly thrown a water bottle at his Jaguar to prevent him from leaving before police arrived.

“As the [woman] walked around the back of her car toward the passenger’s side of [Friedmann’s] car, [Friedmann] accelerated his car toward the [woman] nearly striking her with his car,” the bond proffer reads.

The Jaguar came “within inches” of the woman, who had to sidestep the car to avoid being struck, per the court filing. Friedmann then struck the rear driver’s side bumper and driver’s side front door of the woman’s car, causing damage, at which point witnesses began to intervene.

Shortly after, police arrived on the scene and took Friedmann into custody. The proffer states that Friedmann admitted to hitting the woman’s car and spitting on her.

 A professor at the National University of Health Sciences, this is Friedmann’s first arrest. His LinkedIn page states he is “looking to continue making the lives of others better and helping to improve our country and our world.”

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