I have recently moved to Oak Park from Boston where I was an extremely active member of a climate group, Elders Climate Action. The group’s mission was to educate and motivate people to act. We also advocated directly with state legislators to pass bills to support the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to zero by 2050. We succeeded. I have learned that being tenacious in talking to, calling or emailing the state government can be fruitful in achieving some of what must be done to prevent many of the horrific consequences of climate change.

Once I arrived here, I did a search to learn if there were any climate groups I could join in Oak Park. There were none! How is that possible in such a progressive community? I was also very disappointed to see that coverage of this crisis is very sparse in Wednesday Journal. The crisis is real, and it’s here now. 

Because the public’s consciousness must be raised so that people and our local government take action now before it is too late, I fully agree with James Dickert’s letter in the Journal, Aug. 25, where he requests that one of your journalists report weekly on Oak Park’s work in response to this climate crisis. 

It is critical to educate both our local officials and the community about the deeply serious consequences for all of us if we don’t act quickly. We have no choice.

Hinda Blum

Oak Park

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