The vaccination rate is currently 12% lower in U.S. counties that voted for the previous president (35% vs. 46.7%) [i]. It is no secret that the former president trivialized and politicized the COVID-19 pandemic and made no effort to save American lives. 

His disciples refuse to wear masks or be vaccinated. This level of intellectual perversity is astounding. The vaccines have been shown to be safe and highly effective. Among those who die of COVID-19 today, 99% are not vaccinated [ii]. 

One theory that might explain this self-destructive willful ignorance is evolutionary. Our planet is overpopulated, and when rats [iii] or humans are too crowded, they become aggressive and kill each other. This phenomenon was revealed by John Calhoun’s famous experiments in the 1960s on the effects of overcrowding in rodents, which also produced psychotic behavior and cannibalism. 

If the Trumpites are determined to kill themselves via COVID, it might lower the density of dense people in our country. Unfortunately, by their actions, they endanger many other innocent Americans by providing fertile ground for COVID mutants to thrive and mutate to become ever more infectious and dangerous.




Tom DeCoursey

Oak Park

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