Equity, thy name is results! Whatever it takes!

Maverick philosopher” Bill Vallicella: “‘Equity,’ as currently used, refers to equality of outcome. It could be achieved in a footrace by attaching weights to runners so as to ensure that they all cross the finish line at the same time. One would thereby purchase the benefit of envy-free equality of result at the cost of excellence and high achievement. Would it be worth it?”

It’s the burning question of the day.

Bill: “And then there is the question of who would attach the weights and how they would go about doing so. Would they not have to be unequal in power and authority to those equalized to bring about the latter’s equality of result?”

Say what?

Bill: “I suspect that those who support ‘equity’ imagine themselves as among the equalizers and not the equalized, just as those who are for central planning think of themselves as among the central planners and not the centrally planned.”

Leaving us with a rule to go by:

Bill: “The means to the achievement of ‘equity’ are far worse than ‘equity’ is good.”

It would seem so.

Jim Bowman, Chicago

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