Congratulations to Vicki Scaman on being elected Oak Park’s new, uh, is it back to Village President, rather than Mayor? How about Boss, akin to Mayor Richard M. Daley during the Cook County Machine heyday? Whatever her title, I am glad she won, primarily because I voted for her. I backed a winner. Good for me. And Vicki. For now, at least.

As for making waves, I’ve been trying to roil the local political water pond by writing in dissent of Oak Park’s years-long transformation from Old Fashioned to Newfangled via all those vertically-gifted, high-density apartment buildings now standing, with more to come. The civic bird of Oak Park has become the construction crane.

Those presiding over village hall have long been trying to figure out how to “modernize” Oak Park. Street malls installed. Street malls un-installed. Trial and error. Mostly error, I’d say. Even before the pandemic, empty storefronts littered our local landscape.

I read that a new noodle restaurant (with international bona-fides) is coming to town, just up the street from the Marion Street monstrosity that is to be built across from the charming Carleton Hotel. The noodle shop owners cited the many high-rise residences as why they chose the site. Ramen. Not just for dorm rooms anymore! I figure that epitomizes how local elected officials operate. They want your vote, then ignore your voice afterwards. Right, Carnival? Sugar Beet? Pleasant District denizens who attended those board hearings to no avail?

Here’s hoping for a new village administration that respects the past as something that has a value that money can’t buy. Or shouldn’t ever be for sale. What’s left of it anyway.

Joseph Harrington, Oak Park

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