We are lucky Cathy Adduci is willing to devote her time and energy to help lead our community. She has the experience, the business background, and the leadership skills that are so important for this position. She has given our community outstanding service and has shown a dedication to the values important to River Forest. Particularly in this last difficult year, in the midst of a health and economic crisis, her leadership and communication skills have been very important.

Cathy has improved our cooperation with our neighboring communities, worked well with other governing bodies and been a leader in municipal organizations, all for the benefit of River Forest. It is also important to re-elect her because the village will be selecting a new village manager and she has the experience and knowledge to find the right person for this critical position.

For all these reasons and more, I endorse Cathy Adduci for River Forest Village President.

Carlotta Lucchesi, Former member, president of D90 Board of Education & Former member, president of D200 Board of Education

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