There is much at stake with Oak Park’s village board election this April. An organized threat to defund our police, which would negatively impact our community’s safety, as well as a critical need for recovery assistance from the pandemic for local businesses top the list of concerns that will face this new village board.

Oak Park needs leaders who are well equipped to reimagine community safety without defunding our exemplary police force and develop an effective plan to help the business community recover from the pandemic and prosper, while limiting property tax levy increases to 3% and putting an end to divisive politics at the board table.  

Three candidates have the experience, knowledge and critical-thinking skills needed to address our village’s concerns: Stephen Morales, Ravi Parakkat and Lucia Robinson, who collectively make up the Unite Oak Park slate of candidates for village trustee. Each possesses an impressive professional background and accomplishments and a commitment to the community, and their collective service on the village board will elevate and inspire Oak Park to do better and be better for all of its residents.

I proudly endorse the positive message and outstanding candidates of Unite Oak Park: Morales, Parakkat and Robinson. Voters can learn more about them on their slate’s website:

Turnout is typically low in off-year elections. Please make the time to vote and cast an informed ballot in the April 6 election. The future of our village depends on it.

Monica Sheehan, Oak Park

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