Why am I supporting Jeremy Duffy for the District 97 school board? I admit, it’s ironic — he is a school attorney, and I have more often been on the other side of the table.

Jeremy’s knowledge of schools and of teaching, however, is critical, particularly at this time. As a school attorney, Jeremy understands: 

• how to ensure that school spending remains as close as possible to student learning through the smart and effective allocation of resources; and

• how to carry out plans within a school system to move the needle on the opportunity gap. 

As a former teacher, Jeremy understands: 

• the importance of meaningful and practical professional development; and

• effective supports that students who are returning to school may need.

As a parent, Jeremy understands:

• the hopes that each parent has for their children; and 

• working with teachers and administrators to ensure that all children are provided the necessary tools to learn at their highest levels. 

Jeremy’s professional life has been devoted to educational equity. Support a board candidate with a record of working effectively for students. Please vote for Jeremy Duffy for school board for Oak Park Elementary School District 97 on or before April 6. 

Mary Bird, Oak Park 

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