It’s clear the Lake and Lathrop project is being used as a political wedge. It’s amusing how critics are only now raising concerns during this election cycle. The critics are not providing any solutions or alternatives to this project they are just pontificating. In fact, we could not find any huge community outrage or criticism of this development process in the past board meeting minutes. 

This would be funny if it weren’t so disingenuous when they talk about “years of excuses” but casually forget how the real estate market was ravaged during the great recession and took years to recover from it, only to run into confirmation the site needed time-consuming environmental remediation, followed by a global pandemic that again brought the economy to a standstill.

As for the recent critic of the Lake and Lathrop project whose letter Wednesday Journal recently published, he must have a crystal ball that allows him to see a future the rest of us mere mortals can’t perceive. Somehow, he is blessed with self-assurance and firsthand knowledge about the reality of the commercial real estate market and what will and won’t be built.

We may not know what will happen tomorrow, but we know Cathy Adduci has protected River Forest residents by making sure the Lake and Lathrop site is cleaned up and the job was done properly to ensure the public’s health.

And we know she’s holding the developer’s feet to the fire to fulfill his promises. 

We will make at least one prediction: Cathy Adduci will continue to do what’s best for River Forest.

Dawn Mizgala, Cathleen Hughes, River Forest

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