In most organizations, small and large businesses, political, profit or nonprofit boards, or in any long-term relationships, it takes a complementary team to make things happen successfully. David Schrodt and Fred Arkin complement each so well, and we are fortunate to have them on the District 200 ballot to become decision-makers for our unique Oak Park and River Forest community. 

Fred coached our son in football some 30 years ago; there are many who have great respect for him as a coach and adviser, not to mention he is my business insurance agent.    I’ve known David for 10 years now and the longer I know him the more I like him.  Stefanie, his wife, who is board president of Beyond Hunger (providing over 3,000 meals for many), is super-terrific too, as are their two sons. Both Fred and David and their families are always welcome into our home. They are real, real, real, real.

David is really smart. Believe me, we want him and his brain on our side working for our high school kids, teachers and staff. He is an attorney and a CPA, as well as a keen listener with a quick wit. He’s even funny sometimes. 

Fred is bright and has much love, compassion, and commitment to OPRF High School, and yes he is a graduate of OPRF. He started women’s wrestling in the state of Illinois, started private funding for our OPRF facilities, has consistently demonstrated respect for equality in the decision-making process.   

Both Mr. Arkin and Mr. Schrodt dive into the issues, make firm and creative decisions to allow productive things to happen. If you are looking for a big big bag of energy to make those District 200 decisions in the next four years, the Arkin/Schrodt Energy Bag will be overflowing.

We can’t predict what future issues OPRF will face, as the last year has shown us.  I know that having David & Fred as part of the D200 board would benefit all of us, regardless of what the issue will be. Please join me and my Oak Park and River Forest friends and vote for Schrodt/Arkin for D200. You’ll be genuinely glad you did.

Paul Beckwith, Oak Park & River Forest cheerleader

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