I have known Vicki Scaman for nearly 20 years and have been constantly impressed with her dedication, compassion and skill in every task she took on. Now I am happy to endorse her for Village President of Oak Park.

As a lifetime Oak Parker, Vicki has a deep history of community engagement. Before serving as Village Clerk these past four years, she had managed a local restaurant, led and grown a local music nonprofit while supporting the African drumming program for young Black students in the public schools, worked with the Law Review Committee of IMPACT (a high school parent group) on more equitable laws for youth impacted by drugs or alcohol, and served as township program coordinator for the Positive Youth Development program.

She also has an admirable record of outreach to neighboring communities. She has served as president of the North-Northwest Municipal Clerks, and has worked with the West Garfield Park Stakeholders, teaching restorative justice practices. Most recently as co-chair of the Chamber of Commerce Women in Business group she reached out to neighboring communities to convene a multi-chamber group. I attended the most recent meeting exploring D97’s Multicultural Resource Center history and impact. The discussion was powerful and is building strong connections with our neighbors.

Vicki is knowledgeable about all of our local governments through her past civic involvement. She has also built relationships with many local elected officials and governmental leaders. As clerk she is deeply familiar with the challenges the village faces in this pandemic world and is committed to a fresh look at new solutions to the challenges we face. She already knows the people she will need to work with as village president because of her service as clerk.

Vicki has a tendency not to “blow her own horn” but to listen deeply and thoughtfully in every situation and to consider how her efforts can make a difference. She is the thoughtful, calm and unifying leader we need as Oak Park takes on tomorrow’s challenges.

Teresa Powell, Former Village Clerk

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