I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Vicki Scaman for many years now through her role as chair of the Oak Park Liquor Control Board and through her role as Village Clerk. I’ve always experienced her to be a straight shooter, a problem-solver, an effective communicator and a rational thinker. She is a bridge-builder, collaborative, and willing to pull back personal ego in the spirit of facilitating best decisions. She also understands that she doesn’t need to know all the answers, and reaching out to others with expertise across issues is one of her strengths. 

Vicki’s track record in advocating for equity and strong local businesses will complement her commitment to a rigorous Oak Park Climate Action Plan — done in a timely manner — which incorporates goals and strategies that address sustainability and equity on a global and local level and incorporate the urgency of our global science-based time frame for dealing with the climate crisis. 

She will not be afraid to generate accountability within her sphere of control on this issue, something that the village of Oak Park greatly needs. I invite you to join me in supporting Vicki Scaman as the next President of the village of Oak Park.

Gary Cuneen, Oak Park

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