One of the enduring civic reminders these past few years is that elections matter — nationally, regionally and locally.

I believe representation matters as well. Growth and progress occur when different views, priorities, personalities, social circles and lived experiences do not just have a seat at the table but are welcomed and respected. Bias and groupthink are mitigated when all viewpoints are valued in information-gathering and decision-making processes. Leadership that is founded in empathy, prioritizes divergent perspectives, fosters genuine trust and is pro-active forms the hallmark of sustainable and high-performing entities. River Forest can be such a village.

Patty Henek bring this leadership to River Forest. Through her life, community leadership and village board experience, she has honed the critical leadership skills that are so often stifled in the status quo of “business as usual.” She repudiates an “establishment culture” and an assimilate-to-advance approach that so many leaders and organizations are struggling to overcome even within our village. 

Patty has demonstrated a principled independence, commitment to transparency, dedication to include community voices and an understanding that it is in our actions and policies where we will thrive as a community. It is for these reasons that I believe she is the village president with the foundation and vision that River Forest needs at this time.

I am proud to endorse Patty Henek for River Forest Village President. I believe our community will benefit greatly from her independent and strategic leadership, her informed decision-making and her steadfast inclusive values. Under her leadership, the village board will strategically evaluate and positively impact the well-being as well as the fiscal health of River Forest residents and our businesses, ensuring that our community thrives and grows with intention.

Megan Stewart Hodge, River Forest

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