Candidates run on their records, notably because that is generally the best indicator of how they will perform if elected or re-elected. And Cathy Adduci’s record as President is one that all River Forest residents can be proud of. 

However, there seems to be a lack of recognition that Patty Henek is also a village policymaker. She should be running on her four-year record as village trustee. But she isn’t. She is running on her prior roles relative to Lemon-Aid and Holiday Gift Basket.

So, I offer the following for consideration. 

Transparency: Each of the trustees on the current board agreed to tackle a potential village issue. Patty took on the issue of Communication/Transparency. She brought to her fellow trustees only one proposal relative to zoning notices. Based on her inactions as trustee, transparency as a campaign issue is a non-starter. 

Leadership and Action: Patty has only initiated one proposal for a board vote in the last four years. She doesn’t understand the leadership role that trustees are to take although her fellow trustees have led by example. She has sought to make alleged board “delay” a campaign issue. One example given is Cathy’s alleged delay in proposing that the village join what was previously Dominican University’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Framework formulated for Dominican only. Patty could have thought of the same idea. But she didn’t. In other words, think innovatively faster Cathy.

Another “delay” is the length of time it took for the Deer Committee to act. But Patty forfeited her right to complain. She resigned from leading the committee, saying that she did not have time to attend meetings. Quitting the Deer Committee speaks poorly of her leadership and collaborative skills, as well as her commitment to her office.

Her third criticism of delay is the Lake and Lathrop site. Patty, the sole “no” vote on the Redevelopment Agreement, was asked what she would do differently. She stated that any proposals by her would not have been considered because the other board members were “insiders.”

The trustees who voted “yes” are Bachner, Brennan, Cargie and O’Connell. The only group of which they are all members is the Village Board. In that regard, Patty is an insider too. Significantly, her statements indicate that she does not hold a persuasive and collaborative position on the village board. But a village president has to work collaboratively with everyone.

Progress and the Public Good: Another message is that Patty represents change. But change is dependent on action. Her record as Trustee is one of inaction. In contrast, Cathy has an established record of strong leadership, collaborative work, fresh and innovative ideas, getting things done and an extraordinary commitment to her office and devotion to River Forest and its residents.

Please make an informed vote for Cathy Adduci for Village President.

Carolyn Kilbride, River Forest

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