I want to express gratitude for Cathy Adduci’s excellent leadership as village president and my support for her re-election bid. She has a long list of professional and volunteer accomplishments, but today I’m focusing on two of Cathy’s many invaluable attributes: her institutional knowledge and her positive, can-do approach to village issues. 

Cathy has served our village in various roles for 14 years. She is the second vice president and board director of the Illinois Municipal League, and she’s built relationships throughout the state that allow her to stay abreast of current municipal issues and effectively advocate for RF.

I’ve witnessed Cathy’s institutional knowledge in action at the village board table. She can address basically any question that arises, from her memory and without notes. Want to know how the village reduced our property taxes this year through sound fiscal policies? Ever wondered about the liquor licensing process or sign ordinances? These are just a few of the agenda items that I’ve heard Cathy address extemporaneously at recent board meetings. It’s rare that someone has an encyclopedic knowledge of municipal issues, and we’re lucky that we have her in our village and she’s running for another term.

I’m also impressed by Cathy’s positive, “how do we fix this” attitude. I’ve heard our neighbors raise issues at village board meetings, and I’ve heard her consistent, enthusiastic response: “Let me get the right people together at the table to address this issue.” She is truly a helper at heart, and if you have a problem, I’m confident she will work with you to find a solution.

I think Cathy Adduci is the right person to lead River Forest during this new chapter. She has my family’s vote, and I hope she will have yours as well.

Corina & Mike Davis, River Forest

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