We are fortunate to live in communities with many dedicated and remarkable individuals who bring their talent, experience, skills and gifts to leadership and volunteer roles and who advance the special communities we live in. In reflecting on our many amazing community leaders and volunteers, I am reminded of some of the individual giants of our communities who have made a difference in our lives and who continue to inspire me. I am grateful for these individuals and appreciate their contributions to our communities. 

With our upcoming River Forest village election, I am drawn to acknowledge and recognize Cathy Adduci. Her relentless passion, her focus on purpose and her steady and tenacious leadership and ongoing village management have made a difference in the River Forest community. 

Cathy brings to her leadership role enormous experience in both the business world and in government leadership. She has served in several leadership roles in River Forest for 14 years, building on extensive work as an executive in the business community. Her experience and expertise is driven by mission, vision and values with a focus on making River Forest a welcoming and engaging community for all. She has led a myriad of River Forest initiatives and strategic partnerships. She leads with insight gained from her vast experience. She impresses me with her willingness to dive deep in understanding an issue, including consideration of multiple perspectives and ideas. She has a track record of significant accomplishments in River Forest. As village president, Cathy will continue to lead with inspiration with a focus on making a positive impact.   

Join me in supporting Cathy Adduci’s re-election to River Forest Village President.  

Jan Pyrce , River Forest

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