Friends and neighbors of Oak Park, we hope you will join us in voting for Venus Hurd Johnson for District 97 school board. Over the last eight years, we have gotten to know Venus very well as we have raised our children together in D97.

To us the name Venus Hurd Johnson is synonymous with community leadership. She brings people together and inspires action. In the early days of our relationship it was often said, “If you want something done, Ask Venus.” She was an active member of the Mann School PTO for years when she was approached to become PTO president. Although hesitant with much on her plate already, she stepped up because she knew she could make an impact. During her tenure, she worked hard for all students, positively impacted the overall parent and teacher community and developed the math program from scratch. Venus was also a major player in driving Mann to focus on equity and started a discussion of moving our community toward positive change.

Venus is kind, she’s fair, and has a high degree of integrity. She listens first and because of that, she gets people to work together. For us, she always shows up, hosting a school fundraiser, supporting a charitable cause or candidate meet-and-greet, driving the discussion for the middle school boys’ book club. 

With her quick smile, hearty laugh, collaborative spirit, she is a selfless and committed community leader who has the knowledge and drive to create positive change for our children and community. And she’s a great friend to boot. Let’s show up for Venus on April 6.

Jennifer Harden-Finn, Rita Kahn, Katie Korrison, Jennifer Ruland, D97 parents, longtime Oak Parkers

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