This past Wednesday I was invited by a friend to join her for an evening coffee over Zoom. She wanted me to meet Tim Thomas, a resident of Oak Park running for township trustee. I was curious and happy to attend even though Wednesdays are full for me. It just meant I’d be tired going in. I had my turmeric-ginger tea and got settled. 

Tim began to speak. The way he speaks is a great comfort, it’s magnetic, able to draw a crowd inward. He holds himself in a proud manner, the kind you see often from a union man. You’re left with an actual feeling of trust. It’s apparent that he’s completely willing to push on and on for whatever act of care needs to be done. His dedication toward helping the world on an individualistic level is immense and inspiring. By the end of the hour, energy had worked its way back into me.

I’m a student. I’m 24. I work two jobs and I try my best to live my life. I love Oak Park, but it’s not particularly easy to live here without a degree. We’re a wonderful community but our town is quickly losing accessibility to low-income families, and the oft-forgotten age range of 18-30, still living here, working many of the jobs you rely on. I’ll be voting for Tim Thomas because it was clear that he cared. I can trust him to hold himself proudly while defending what he cares about. I can trust that he cares about people like me and other groups so often forgotten.

Mira Cameron, Oak Park

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