As longtime local Realtors, we have a vested interest in seeing Oak Park thrive on every front. Most of us grew up here and raised our children and grandchildren in this town we love. We’re endorsing Ravi Parakkat for Village Trustee because he embodies the hometown values we cherish. 

We first met Ravi through Takeout 25 Oak Park, a movement he created to save local restaurants and keep restaurant workers employed during COVID. We watched this group grow from 2,000 to 7,000 members in a short period of time. What a testimonial this is to a community coming together to help one another. We were proud to be part of keeping our restaurants alive, not only through the slowest restaurant months of the year, but during a global pandemic. It was Oak Park at its best. Ravi’s leadership created a united front.

He took it a step further by creating an event called Taste of the Town. All proceeds benefited Housing Forward, a nonprofit that helps the homeless get back on their feet, as well as local independent restaurants and bakeries. It was so successful that cars were lined up on Lake Street to participate.

We got to know him better through his Zoom talks and were very impressed with his vision for an affordable, inclusive, safe and sustainable Oak Park. 

That’s our vision too.

Marion Digre 

RE/MAX In The Village

Chris Curran, Jeff Emerson, Mark Fischer, Greer Haseman, Jan Kerr, April Moon, Cindy Risch, Jan Raspatello 


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