My husband and I have lived in River Forest in the Keystone Triangle Neighborhood for almost 20 years; we have known Lisa Gillis for most of that time.

I worked with her in support of the Keystone Triangle Neighborhood Association (Division to Chicago, Thatcher to Forest). For almost two decades, she was one of the lead organizers of two large annual social events that continue to bring together the residents of the neighborhood. The events require many volunteers in order to be successful. She always brought a positive attitude and boundless energy to these multi-month planning activities and was unfailingly welcoming and inclusive, working to weave new residents into the process. She always asked for volunteers but was also able to recruit residents to organize, staff and participate in these events. I feel like one of her great strengths is her ability to get people to work together effectively, building community while driving results. She was always generous with her time. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Lisa was also very active in PTO activities at both Willard and Roosevelt schools while her three children attended those schools. She was a member of the “Green Team” at Willard and expanded the group’s activities. I remember she and her husband, Rick, built and set up a recycling center at Willard where they collected items like batteries, crayons, athletic shoes for recycling and other items for reuse. I continued to go to Willard School to drop off items to be recycled after my own children had graduated from Willard.

We are sure that Lisa puts the same energy, commitment and ability to get people to work together as chairperson of the Village of River Forest Sustainability Commission and as a member of the Oak Park-River Forest Infant Welfare Society. And we are more than confident that she will do more of the same for the benefit of all River Forest residents.

We wholeheartedly support Lisa Gillis for River Forest Trustee.

Mary Spyropoulos & Jeff Stocker, River Forest

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