It is important we get the best people willing to work on behalf of our entire community, which is why I’m supporting Patty Henek for River Forest Village President.

Patty has demonstrated a commitment to community service and a willingness to stand up for what is right. Her experience as a village trustee and years of community work will make her an effective village president from day one. 

Her active engagement in the community has proven she will do the leg work necessary to consider all sides of an issue to make an informed decision. She will work to improve economic development and stabilize property taxes. She will listen to the entire community and share her input with the board.

I have observed her walking the streets of our village while she listens to the recordings of the commission meetings for issues coming before the board. I have noted that on the issues about which I am most informed, Patty always shows up prepared.

I currently serve as one of the commissioners on the Sustainability Commission. My training as an economist and my first career in the International Finance Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y. taught me that problems that are not addressed only grow larger and more intractable. The daunting environmental challenges we now face will only worsen if we do not dedicate ourselves to solving them.

River Forest will not meet the goals of the three climate action pacts President Adduci signed unless we increase the pace of climate action. We need to be forward looking and think in terms of decades not years. At issue is who is best qualified to lead us into the future, and I strongly believe that person is Patty Henek.

I hope you will join me in securing our community’s future by electing her as Village President. She will not only lead the board effectively, but more importantly, she will ensure the entire community is represented in their deliberations.

Susan Charrette, River Forest

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