Over the past 28 years I have lived in River Forest, I have known several neighbors who are incredibly involved in the community, including my friend Lisa Gillis, who stands out as someone uniquely qualified to serve as Trustee for the village of River Forest. She has good business acumen and listens with an open mind to achieve the most beneficial solutions for the residents of River Forest and our surrounding neighborhoods.

I first met Lisa when our children were at Willard where she was an active parent, helping at school programs and events and working on Cub Scout activities. She currently serves as a member of the Infant Welfare Society and is leading the Sustainability Commission for the village. She volunteers at all these programs while also serving as an executive at a global advertising and marketing firm.

Lisa understands that thinking “outside the box” can often provide better outcomes. She is an active listener, looking for ways to connect the dots, while remaining focused on producing measurable results. I have seen her in action — asking the right questions to understand the issues, pulling in various stakeholders to generate creative ideas, developing strategies and action plans, and communicating transparently for buy-in around implementation and trust over reporting of the results.

As her friend, I also say without any reservation that Lisa’s heart is in the right place. She is a genuinely good person. She is seeking to be village trustee because she cares deeply about our community and wants to ensure it continues to be a wonderful place in which to live, raise a family and grow old.

We are lucky to have a pro-active board of trustees. Having Lisa Gillis as a trustee will only enhance the board in its decision-making process, improving its ability to implement the required actions and communicating the progress and results to the community at large. 

Please join me in voting for Lisa Gillis as Village Board Trustee in the upcoming election.

Robert Conrardy, River Forest

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