Serving with Tom Cofsky for eight years has secured my trust in his commitment to District 200 with a focus on what should be the enduring question for all board members, “Is this in the best interest of our students?” 

Tom has chaired the Finance Committee and been instrumental in guiding OPRF High School to develop long-term budgeting that is fiscally responsible and factors in the property-tax burden on our residents. 

I’ve come to understand how much this district means to him through our work together. While he refers to himself as a “finance guy,” I’ve witnessed him be equally as thoughtful and passionate about understanding equity, anti-racism and social justice. No matter the topic, he is always well-prepared and thoughtful. He also has a gift for synthesizing information in a way that makes it accessible to everyone. He sees the “big picture” and can articulate the need for our district to develop and implement policies through an equity lens.

My trust in Tom as a colleague on the board has grown every year. Whether we’re leading contract negotiations with the teachers union, learning from each other in racial equity retreats, or making policy decisions about improving our district, I’ve found him to be fair and open-minded. 

In an election year when four of seven seats are open, institutional memory is vital to the board. Tom brings all of his experience and literal binders of information, which provide the district with historical context and insights to assist with decision making. 

He is running for a third time to see through goals of financial stewardship, policy-driven approaches to district spending, and most importantly seeing that OPRF continues to grow and change to meet the needs of our students. 

He has my vote. I hope you will join me in voting for Tom Cofsky for District 200.

Jackie Moore, PhD, OPRF High School Board member (2013-2021)

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