I am a born and raised Oak Parker and am now raising my own children in Oak Park. One of my formative memories of growing up in Oak Park was the bi-monthly trip my mom and I would take to Jewel, where she would buy more boxes of cereal and gallons of milk than my brother and I would ever eat. We’d then take it over to Euclid Methodist Church in time for the PADS Emergency Shelter breakfast (now known as Housing Forward). The fact that there were homeless people in Oak Park was horrifying to me, as I grew up learning about the Oak Park Fair Housing Policy.

Fast forward to my post-college years, and I realized that the town I lived in then as a renter would not be able to provide me affordable housing as a homeowner (hence the time spent out of Oak Park).

The Fair and Affordable Housing Crisis needs to be a top priority for Oak Park — 41% of our residents are renters. And these renters are not just young college grads like I was. They are seniors, forced to sell their homes but not wanting to move out of their communities. They are teachers, nurses, small business owners, first responders, those who work and live in the community. Oak Park currently ranks in the bottom 7% for affordability in Illinois, and more than 1/3 of our residents cannot afford to live in the new high-rise developments.

Among the many reasons I support Cate Readling is that she has a plan to improve equity and create more fair and affordable housing.

Cate has years of experience advocating for the rights of all of those who need support and the working class. And she will create opportunities for all community members to engage with local government and have a voice in our future — one that includes affordable housing in this town that we all love so dearly.

Join me in voting for Cate Readling for Village President on April 6. And join me on March 24 to learn more about her plan for Housing in Oak Park at her “Policy Pop-In” https://cateforoakpark.org/rsvp-policy-popins.

Alison Price, Oak Park

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