The last four years have been difficult ones for our community. Four years ago, we elected two candidates who promised to value equity and progressive values but promptly switched to reactionary stances once elected. That resulted in a divided board which held back progress on our core values.

We can’t afford another four years of this status quo. It is imperative that we vote for candidates we know will both prioritize equity and govern effectively. There are three candidates who have proven they have this combination of passion and pragmatism.

For President, Cate Readling has demonstrated that she will lead selflessly and bravely for the values we hold dear, while sincerely listening to all. Her leadership is critical to healing Oak Park from four years of political division and regression. For trustees, Juanta Griffin and Chibuike Enyia have shown they are ready to govern reasonably and bring voice to constituencies that have long been overlooked.

The actions of the village board over the last four years have had a detrimental impact on the character of our community. A course correction is necessary to get us moving in the right direction again. This election will likely determine if Oak Park continues to be at the vanguard of progressive values or devolves into just another suburban enclave.

We need leaders like Readling, Griffin, and Enyia in our community to both ensure our core values are upheld and that our government will be effective. I hope you’ll join me in proudly voting for them and continuing to strive for a more equitable, inclusive, and prosperous community for all.

Rob Breymaier, Oak Park

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