I strongly endorse Vicki Scaman for Village President. Vicki has the necessary experience to lead a board, an entire board, and not just people who agree with her point of view. She understands the intricacies of how local government works because of her long history of service on various projects, boards, and, of course, her role as Village Clerk. In the clerk’s role, she has served our constituents, board members, and stakeholders with dignity, grace, transparency, and accountability. I will always look back on her work as our village clerk with great admiration and respect.

Vicki and I have engaged in hundreds of political discussions over the years. Full disclosure — we disagree on many issues. However, she has always presented her point of view with evidence and a truly persuasive style; she has influenced my vote plenty of times. She does not use bullying or shaming tactics because she does not need to in order to build consensus. I have observed her authentically listening to various points of view because she is genuinely interested in the diversity of thought that makes Oak Park such a special place. 

She also cares so deeply for this village that she will take seriously the fiduciary duty of being our leader. She will not make mistakes that will diminish public safety or decimate our finances. Vicki also wants to lead for the right reasons, which are to serve and to bring people together for a better Oak Park. 

In the end my support comes down to trust. I trust Vicki Scaman and I hope you do too when you cast your ballot.

Deno Andrews, Oak Park Village Trustee

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