I’ve lived in River Forest since 2011. I’ve never paid attention to village political races because in a town like this I figured “it is what it is.” This year is different, mostly due to the pandemic and how it has affected our children’s education. It has made me realize that it can’t just be “what it is,” but has to be “what’s best.” It needs to be what’s best for our children, teachers and staff, and what’s best for our community. The only way to get what’s best, is to ensure that those charged with making decisions, care about what’s best for everyone. Sarah Eckmann is a person who genuinely cares what’s best for all. Her passion for children and community is genuine, bold, and refreshing.

She grabbed my attention on social media while discussing the decision-making process of the board to send children back to school at the beginning of the school year. She was able to speak about the physical and mental health risks because of her experience as a nurse practitioner. She also volunteered her time to vaccinate teachers and staff at OPRF High School. She knows the value of education but is willing to do the work needed to get teachers and kids back to school safely. That’s an example of the kind of leader I think she will be: someone who doesn’t just talk about the issues, but who will roll up their sleeves and do the work!

Finally I want to touch on the subject of equity and inclusion. These are issues that have become popular and somewhat of a fad to mention. Sarah is truly passionate about these issues, and doesn’t just use the words to sound good. She can articulate the issues, takes the time to ask and learn about them, and is passionate about eradicating racism and discrimination in the district’s schools. She understands micro aggressions and how they ultimately impact every student, not just minorities, and she is ready to do the work to change our mindset as a community.

Alishia Myrick, River Forest

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