President Cathy Adduci is an outstanding public servant. I have observed her dedication to River Forest as she continually seeks what is best for the village, particularly for the older adults. Cathy is a person of the highest integrity and you can depend on her word. Her advocacy on behalf of older adults reflects her commitment to creating and supporting an age-friendly village, one good for all ages and all abilities, where people can age in community.

She is a futurist and understands the changing nature of the demographics in our village. She recognizes the opportunities as well as challenges of having a higher-than-average percentage of older adults who reside and want to continue to reside in River Forest. She has worked tirelessly to create and support initiatives in our village that bolster people’s ability to age with purpose, dignity, and in community while enhancing their everyday lived experience and overall quality of life.

Under President Adduci’s leadership, she has sustained efforts to honor older adults and combat ageism in her work with the Celebrating Seniors Coalition, Arbor West Neighbors, and Oak Park/River Forest Township Senior Services. She has been instrumental in helping to start Dementia Friendly River Forest and has laid the groundwork for the village to receive the AARP designation of Age Friendly with the creation of the age-friendly advisory ad-hoc committee. The committee will survey residents in the village to determine the necessary changes and next steps to achieve our age-friendly status while putting programs and policies in place that will help people remain in community as they age.

During the COVID-19 crisis, President Adduci established a COVID Senior Response Program, bringing together resident volunteers with older adults for grocery and prescription pickup, dog walking and other vital chores. She also helped organize a vaccine clinic which was tremendously effective in helping older adults in the village and surrounded areas receive a vaccine. 

Cathy is a role model for what public service is about. She has shown her ability, desire and leadership skills necessary for the person needed in the role of River Forest President. 

I strongly encourage all River Forest residents to re-elect President Cathy Adduci.

Lydia Manning, River Forest

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