We are writing in support of Cathy Adduci as Village President of River Forest. We have worked with Cathy on a variety of issues, many focused on dealing with the COVID-19 catastrophe, and have found she is responsive, energetic, intelligent, and compassionate. She’s a welcome breath of fresh air from many involved in government: There’s no bureaucratic double-talk from her. She responds quickly to her constituents and works to find ways to address new problems. She demonstrates the fact that organizational norms and behaviors start at the top, which has made a noticeable change at village hall.

Being a public servant at the local level is a vital but demanding job. River Forest has been fortunate that Cathy has been willing to lead us for many years. We’re even more fortunate she’s willing to keep doing it for us.

Let’s elect her and make it so!

Bob & Ardyth Eisenberg, River Forest

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