Village President Cathy Adduci is a person who accomplishes things when other people give up. She possesses every qualification and characteristic desired in a government servant: whip-smart, personable, and her managerial style is one of consensus building and collaboration. 

Notably, she is a creative problem-solver and forward thinker. She also possesses an impressive financial skill set, having earned an MBA with a decades-long career in finance. As a result, she has a sophisticated understanding of the village’s finances, including its levies and budgets. Cathy’s creative expertise has benefitted our village many times over. She originated the proposal to decrease the village’s portion of our property tax bills this year due to the unexpected and devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

She leads the way in procuring state funding for village projects, becoming aware of possible funding solutions through her networking with fellow governmental officials throughout the state and her active participation in the Illinois Municipal League where she is currently second vice-president and slated for the presidency of IML in 2023. 

My family has lived in River Forest for nearly 75 years, including my parents and my siblings and their families. We are grateful for Cathy’s commitment to the safety and quality of life of River Forest residents and her prudent financial planning for the village. At the same time, we appreciate that societal values are reflected in the village’s policies and actions. We enjoy a sense of community and belonging that comes with inclusiveness, equity and fairness.

Under her direction, the village approached Jewel-Osco River Forest to let them know that if they experienced any issues with timely distribution of COVID vaccines, the village would coordinate their provision. As a result, hundreds of at-risk village residents recently received vaccinations administered by Jewel-Osco pharmacists at village-run sites. Two senior members of my family became aware of this opportunity through the village newsletter and commented on the ease of obtaining the vaccination through the village’s efforts.

In sum, Cathy is a dedicated and tireless advocate for River Forest and its residents, and all without a paycheck. The village has been in excellent hands for the last eight years with her at the helm.

It is for these reasons that I strongly support Cathy Adduci’s continued leadership. I will vote for her on April 6, and I encourage you to do the same.

Marcia O’Brien Conway, River Forest

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