As an elder and retired nurse who grew up in Oak Park, I am writing in total and enthusiastic support of Vicki Scaman’s very thoughtful candidacy for OP Village President. Her extensive knowledge base and relevant experience will lead us through this very challenging pandemic period.

Vicki’s work life demonstrates an argument from Aristotle: “Human flourishing depends on realizing our nature through the cultivation and exercise of our abilities.” (The Tyranny of Merit: What’s Become of the Common Good). I bring this up because Vicki embodies a philosophy where every citizen has merit. Her way of speaking and living demonstrates a reflectiveness, and deep familiarity with principles of the common good.

She understands and has a record of the commitments one makes to her community in raising children, supporting local businesses, and working at village hall for 20 years. This will support her deep listening skills and wisdom in trustee meetings, administration, various units of village government meetings, and vendor meetings for the village.

I think Vicki Scaman is the wisest and most experienced choice in these times for village president. Vote Vicki for excellent direction of Oak Park.

Mary Rose Lambke, 25-year Oak Parker

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