I enthusiastically support Venus Hurd Johnson for the D97 school board. Venus’ professionalism, warmth, and clear vision make her an excellent candidate to lead our schools through this continued challenging time.

While working on the D97 Diversity Council (DivCo), Venus was responsive and thoughtful. Her children have been through the course of D97 schools, and she was a leader in her own school community for all of that time. She brings her own lived experiences to this demanding and important work, and makes room for others to contribute. When opinions differ, she does not make anyone feel less than. Her professionalism and warmth allow space for topics to be thoroughly explored.

I have seen Venus lead the PTO Council (PTOC) and she navigates with grace the fraught topics with which our schools are grappling. She listens when others speak and also deftly keeps the conversation focused on whatever the current issue is at hand. Her professionalism and clear vision enable the assembled body to consider subjects — and move forward on them. 

This excellent leadership is a key quality for a successful board. Venus Hurd Johnson is the person our schools need now.

Charity Anne Caldwell, D97 parent, D97 DivCo member

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