In these challenging times, when public health and private enterprise are both struggling and social justice and institutional racism are rightly at the forefront, experience and the ability to lead on day one is crucial. Challenges come with opportunities. Village Clerk Vicki Scaman is the only Oak Park Village President candidate prepared to address the challenges we face.

Together, we have 22 years of village trustee experience and served with three village presidents and two village clerks. We witnessed how a president’s leadership ability is critical to forging board consensus, and ensuring the success of the village. Two of the three continuing board members have just two years of experience. 

Vicki is prepared to channel enthusiasm, new ideas, and multiple viewpoints into actions, moving our village forward and addressing the unique opportunities facing us.

She shares the best attributes of past presidents. She’s unique because of the breadth and depth of lifetime experiences that will chart a course for Oak Park’s better future. Those experiences include being a teacher, small business owner, nonprofit leader, community organizer, youth advocate, racial equity champion, and sustainability advocate. In each role, she successfully brought people together for the greater good. She brought $1 million in state and federal grants to the village in support of youth programs. She did this as a volunteer! Imagine how effective she’ll be as village president.

Experience matters. Action matters even more.

Her peers elected her president of the North/NW Municipal Clerk’s Association. They saw what we see — a strong leader, focused on bringing people together. She’s a transparent, goal-oriented decision-maker, putting others at the center of every decision. Vicki won’t need to learn on the job — whether it’s reviewing the village budget, or ensuring marginalized voices have a seat at the table. Her life’s work leads her to this moment.

We urge you to learn more about Vicki. She’s a practical progressive with a record of accomplishments. She’ll do the same as village president. She’s committed to effective government and she’s ready to lead.

Visit to learn more.

Colette Lueck & Ray Johnson, Former village trustees, Oak Park & Queens, NY

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