Having watched the River Forest Village President candidate forum today, aside from learning that nearly every question was a “great question,” we didn’t see much space between the two candidates. 

With respect to a diversity plan, affordable housing, and the ill-fated Lake-Lathrop development, both were vague. I would have expected that at least Ms. Henek would have created clear contrast by stating different and substantive plans on those points, areas where we see Ms. Adduci as quite vulnerable, but Ms. Henek did not do that. 

Perhaps the chief thing we learned is that Cathy Adduci understands the president’s job as that of CEO while Patty Henek does not. The contrast between them as executives with budget and staff experience was perhaps most striking. Ms. Henek’s experience is quite clearly not as compelling as that of Ms. Adduci. But both of them would do well to have much sharper thoughts about issues and stating them clearly and concisely.

Ed McDevitt, River Forest

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