With great enthusiasm, it is my pleasure to recommend Fred Arkin for the District 200 school board, serving Oak Park and River Forest. Fred has been committed to supporting the community for as long as I have known him, and he places high importance on ensuring that children in all communities focus on education. Fred has embraced this vision throughout his life and has worked tirelessly to aid the Oak Park-River Forest community to this day.

As a struggling teen in need of a mentor, Fred helped to change the trajectory of my life. Beginning at age 9, he was there for me on a daily basis as my wrestling coach, and he looked after me to make sure I was going to school and doing the right thing. This relationship continued through to my high school years and beyond. 

During high school, I was getting in trouble and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Fred Arkin went the distance for me, becoming my legal guardian. He gave me a stable home life while I finished high school and provided distance from the bad influences from my old neighborhood. He held me accountable for my actions, for grades and homework, helped me prepare for the ACT test and pushed me to graduate. Fred’s influence and guidance gave me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.

His work as an entrepreneur inspired me to pursue a career after school. I am now a successful business owner and an Olympic wrestling coach. Fred’s passion and influence has made a tremendous impact on my life for which I am truly grateful.

Herb House, Coach, USAWrestling, Oak Park

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