This world would be a much better place if we all took care of each other. We need to elect leaders who will take care of all their constituents at the national, state, and local level. For Oak Park, Anthony Clark is a leader who will do just that.

Anthony’s resume displays his dedication to taking care of those around him. He joined the Air Force, where he served for six years. After that, he dedicated his career to teaching, first in Chicago and now in Oak Park. He founded and continues to direct Suburban Unity Alliance (SUA), an organization many people know from its slogan, “More Love Less Hate.” SUA is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to “bring entire communities together based on empathy, collaboration, and equitable philanthropic endeavors.”

Anthony has laid out priorities as a trustee to make sure our village government seeks to take care of all Oak Parkers: making village government more responsive, investing to make Oak Park a great place for small businesses, and balancing the tax burden that everyone agrees is unsustainable. He pairs these priorities with a record of working toward equity, making sure Oak Park is a place where everyone gets what they need.

His goals for the village are not controversial. What he brings, that some candidates do not, is a steadfast record of working toward equity, even when difficult. All the candidates want all Oak Parkers to thrive in the abstract, but Anthony is a candidate who has been working to make that happen for years. It is time to vote for candidates who can point to the work they have done to make all of Oak Park better, who have demonstrated their awareness of the inequities in our village, and are willing to have tough and open conversations about solutions. Electing Anthony to serve as village trustee will help make Oak Park a better place for all Oak Parkers.

Laura & Scott Sakiyama, Oak Park

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