It has been said and I have always believed that great leaders always lead from the front. Watching and working with Cathy Adduci during the village of River Forest’s most recent efforts to help older adults in our community receive the COVID-19 vaccine only made my belief stronger than ever. I have been a volunteer with the River Forest Citizen Corps since its inception in 2008. During my 13 years in service to our community I have never seen a village president so involved and committed to the service of the people of River Forest. 

President Adduci did not come to the vaccination distribution site to pat people on the back. She came to work. From early in the morning until the last person was vaccinated, she was taking care of people. She helped streamline the check-in process, worked in the recovery area and assisted our neighbors with mobility challenges. 

Obtaining the vaccine was not easy, but the leadership of Cathy Adduci, Chief Bohlmann, of the River Forest Fire Dept. and Chief O’Shea of the River Forest Police made it happen not once but twice. The two vaccination events held with the assistance of Jewel Foods allowed approximately 575 of our neighbors to get the vaccine. 

My thanks go out to Mario Ferro, Ron Sherman and the cadre of village staff and volunteers that made this happen. 

Thank you, President Adduci for your leadership and support during what has been a very difficult time for so many of us. Thank you for leading from the front. Your efforts will bring an end to this pandemic sooner and improve the quality of life for everyone in the village of River Forest.

I will vote for President Adduci because of her effective leadership and vision for our village. She has demonstrated how progress does not come at a cost to our way of life in this village. I am excited to see what she will do in her next term.

James Flanagan, River Forest

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