There are several candidates running for District 200 school board in the current campaign. Sometimes it’s difficult to know who to vote for if you don’t know someone personally. In order to try to reduce that gap, I highly recommend Kebreab Henry. I’ve known Kebreab and his family for the past five years and call him and his wife friends. He deeply cares about equity and inclusion for students who have historically been left out, oppressed, or discriminated against. He has maintained a high standard of education for his daughter, who graduated with my daughter from OPRF High School, and is now attending the University of Illinois. He continues to encourage her to pursue excellence, and has the same expectations for his sons.

He believes that culture, opportunities, and instruction must all present a climate for every student to excel in whatever area they choose and to thrive without barriers to their learning and well-being.

His service at our church, on the Community Council, and on the Culture, Climate and Behavior Committee have all pointed toward his goals of doing his part to make life meaningful and joyful for every person.

He is needed on the D200 board, so be sure to vote for Kebreab Henry.

Wendy Daniels, Oak Park

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