Cathy Adduci has been an outstanding village president and we are thrilled she wants to continue to serve our community in such a meaningful way. She has demonstrated she has the experience, the business background, and extraordinary leadership skills that the position of president demands.

I am a former District 90 Board of Education elected official, who served on the D90 Board of Education for eight years in a variety of capacities, including two years as board president. I know that experience and qualifications do matter. Cathy has the experience and qualifications necessary for the position and she has demonstrated that throughout her tenure.

My husband, Dr. Peter Geldner, and I have been extremely pleased with how our village government has been operating and the numerous accomplishments under Cathy’s leadership. As a lifelong resident who was raised in River Forest and chose to raise my family in our wonderful community, now more than ever, as we move away from the pandemic and into recovery, we need strong leadership, a steady temperament and someone with laser-like focus to keep our community a wonderful place to live and work.

JuliAnn Geldner, River Forest

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