Recently, our family has been intensely into Marvel movies. They are not only action-packed and full of powerful, diverse characters, but they also present philosophical questions about leadership and governance that provide endless opportunities for passionate debate at our dinner table (yes, even the baby participates!). In Captain America: Civil War, Sharon Carter posits, “Compromise where you can, but where you can’t, don’t.” What a wise — but too often overlooked — philosophy. Not everything needs to be a battle. But when it does, fight.

This is one of the reasons we are supporting Cate Readling in this year’s race for Village President. She has a vision for Oak Park, and she is willing to fight for it.

Equally important is how Cate will fight. She will fight with civility, dignity, and an understanding that while effective governance requires the willingness to stand up and fight when necessary, it also requires openness to compromise when possible.

Cate is a true progressive. She has a record of leading on the progressive issues most dear to us: racial equity; access to housing; economic development focused on small, independent businesses; intergovernmental cooperation to keep Oak Park affordable; and environmental policies that promote a greener, more sustainable, Oak Park.

She is also well positioned to lead the kind of community we can feel proud raising our kids in. She is kind, relatable, and an experienced Oak Park parent. We need policies that are mindful of our children’s safety, education, and desire to live in a community that will listen and foster active participation in government — a community that helps grow future leaders. Cate is a mom of four, with kids in District 97 and District 200 — which is, in our minds, invaluable experience for a village president.

We want a leader who represents our Oak Park family’s values and is willing to fight for our community, passionately. While our next village president doesn’t need to be a superhero, we appreciate Cate’s super-strong commitment to doing the right thing for all Oak Parkers. We look forward to voting for her this spring and hope you will do the same.

Andrea Button & Adam Salzman, Oak Park

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