Regarding the article about the village of River Forest questionnaire to cull the deer population in the Cook County Forest Preserve, Cook County owns and runs the Forest Preserve. Does River Forest have jurisdiction over Cook County? I believe the County Forest Preserve mandate is to preserve the natural habitat — trees, plants and animals — to preserve parts of the planet as it has existed.

Our village is fortunate to have access to these woods, river and wildlife. It is an education for all, to spend time in the woods. Walk through the woods. Rarely are “too many” deer seen. So I question the quantity of deer that RF residents are worried about. Certainly deer do stray into the neighborhood for vegetation. Can our gardens (deer salad bars) be a lesson to children that other living creatures need, and are entitled, to be fed and not shot?

Can we rise up from our primitive instincts, and promote learning what plants deer won’t eat — or what are effective deer repellent vegetation that we can plant in our gardens? Perhaps our villagers can promote and model living with God’s creatures in a harmonious way.

Lynn Zurowski, River Forest

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