I’m thrilled to share my personal experience about my friend and colleague Lou Anne Johannesson, running for Oak Park Village Clerk on April 6. I have worked with Lou Anne over seven years as member of CLAIM (District 97 Committee for Legislation Action, Intervention and Monitoring), which I currently chair. We have worked on ideas and legislation developing equity and restorative justice policies, met with legislators in support or opposition to legislation affecting our district, and hosted the annual Legislators Forum providing a meaningful event between our state legislators, community partners working on behalf of kids and families, public and private schools in Oak Park and surrounding communities, and the public who could speak directly to legislators in a town hall style format.

Lou Anne has made a difference in our community through her ability to organize information and ensure that groups communicate and achieve shared goals. She introduced the issue of data-sharing to the CLAIM committee several years ago and made sure subsequent committees knew and understood this issue. There are significant impediments non-unified districts have when students transition to high school. Unified K-12 districts in the state do not have this problem. This spring, legislation recommended by CLAIM will be introduced by Senate President Harmon which will allow for access to critical resources to meet the needs of students. 

Lou Anne understands complex municipal governance and has put that knowledge to work for Oak Park for many years.

Her passion, work ethic, sharp mind and attention to detail ensures nothing is overlooked. In addition to growing up, as well as raising her family in Oak Park, her 18 years with D97, extensive experience with citizen committees and elected boards is a deep reserve of experience to manage the Office of Village Clerk. She is running as an independent candidate not aligned with any other candidate, which I believe is an important criteria for this office.

Please see her interview with Wednesday Journal and her Facebook page, Lou Anne Johannesson for Village Clerk of Oak Park, for more information. Vote for her on April 6. 

Theresa Jurgus, Oak Park

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