With the elections fast approaching, I write in support of Anthony Clark and anything pertaining to, but not exclusive to, Suburban Unity Alliance activities.

Anthony has demonstrated and exemplified what it means to be there for your community, even at the risk of his own job and well-being at times. He’s shown up even when others questioned the reasoning, or the circumstances. He’s shown up when there was no support at all, and he’s provided resources to individuals when our own government couldn’t get those to them.

I believe in him, and I believe that, with further support from our community, he will continue to show up in an even more impactful way for not only our community, but for all of the young black males looking for positive male role models to look up to during these challenging times.

Anthony has been a friend for 24 years, so on a personal level, I can attest to his always-being-there-when-you-need-him mentality. He’s also already accomplished so much for our community and with the proper support, I’m confident he will continue to show up in innovative and creative ways, to make an even greater impact on our already amazing community.

On behalf of YourPassion1st, we are honored to support Anthony Clark for the Village of Oak Park Board of Trustees.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss further, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Chris Thomas, Founder, YourPassion1st

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