Since Cathy Adduci was elected to her first term as village president, she has led with integrity, maintaining her consistent message:

  • Community safety
  • Working to increase property values by stabilizing property taxes
  • Collaboration among local governments as a way to deliver services more efficiently and cost effectively

Her expertise in corporate marketing and sales management, finance and human professional development is the basis for her leadership skills in government.

Her membership and leadership roles in four governmental agencies: including the U.S. Conference of Mayors, enables her to advocate for us in Springfield so that River Forest and communities throughout Illinois can obtain needed funding to pay for state and federal mandates. Her advocacy also serves to protect our share of income tax revenues so we can continue to pay for the services we expect.

Experience matters when running a $30 million complex government like River Forest, now more than ever, as River Forest begins to put together a COVID recovery plan, vaccine rollout, balancing our budget, and as we start the search for our village administrator.  She will continue the focus on sustainability, options for the over-65 group to age in place here, and helping property owners maintain their historic homes while respecting theirs rights.

Vote for the re-election of President Cathy Adduci, April 6. 

Jan Saeger, River Forest resident and volunteer

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