As you can see by the yard signs, another village election is upon us. The election season is an important time to take stock of where we are as a community and who we want at the helm. I unequivocally support our current village president, Cathy Aducci, for re-election, and I am writing to encourage your vote.

Cathy’s accomplishments on behalf of the village are countless. She is the only person running who is prepared and capable to lead the $30 million organization that is River Forest. Good, solid, important changes have occurred over the last 14 years she has served the village, and measured, thoughtful changes will occur under her continued leadership. She is the only one with the institutional knowledge to guide and inform the new village administrator on the intricacies and qualities of our village. She is responsive and accessible to the residents and will encourage your participation. I’m thankful that she is willing to sign up for another four years.

For the love of River Forest — please join me in supporting Cathy Adduci for Village President.

Susan Conti, Former River Forest Village Trustee

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