Over the past four years, I have worked directly with River Forest President Cathy Adduci on issues and projects that are important to older people in our communities. After watching her work with others, I enthusiastically endorse her re-election as President of River Forest.

President Adduci is a visionary municipal leader. Our fast-growing older population is having a huge impact on our communities — River Forest, near-west suburbs and Chicagoland.

Adduci continues to be both a strong voice and a competent leader in creating and implementing ground-breaking accomplishments for River Forest. 

Under her watch, River Forest has been in the forefront of becoming an age-friendly town, and, in doing so, River Forest has brought our whole area along with it. From training River Forest first-responders to creating welcoming River Forest businesses to sensitizing village hall to the needs of older River Forest residents, Adduci’s impact stands out. 

She has set forces in motion that will continue to bear fruit for years to come. President Adduci was instrumental in the creation of the Metropolitan Mayor’s Caucus Age-Friendly Collaborative and, as its first and only chairperson, she continues to shepherd its growth. 

She is an effective leader today and she is focused clearly on the compelling needs of River Forest’s future.

I urge all River Forest residents to re-elect President Cathy Adduci.

Marc Blesoff, Oak Park

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